“Free Your Boobs, Free Your Mind”

By Bananabelle Gonzalez

Each year, at the end of August, women gather worldwide for “Women’s Equality Day”, and fight for the legal right to walk around topless wherever they want. Although this is already legal in the state of New York, as long as you’re not fully naked, this is their 5th Annual demonstration.

Activist and supporting fans gathered in Bryant Park and Times Square on August 26th, 2021 to protest, holding signs and chanting “Free Your Boobs, Free Your Mind”. All these women are attempting to accomplish, are the equal rights for men and women all over the world to go topless. Why is it socially and legal wrong for women to enjoy the comfort men have had forever? We all have nipples right? Why can’t we share them with the world like you men do, it won’t hurt anybody. Like the old saying goes, “you can look, but don’t touch”.

Source of Photo: DailyNews.com

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